Tan Line
This is a website dedicated to the bands I have participated in over the years. I know it may be hard to believe, but I started my musical career playing drums in a band (Float). Following Float, I became the singer/guitarist for several others (Silly Bleu Licorice & The Herculoids). Project67, though, was the first band with REAL potential.
P67 was fun, professional, refreshing, and best of all...we had some really great songs! As with most bands, we had our share of problems, but it was the first band that made me want to quit my job! I sincerely believed that we had a chance of making it in the music industry. It’s funny...I can still vividly remember the first show Kyle, Karl, Ryan, and I played at an art show in Easton, PA. It’s amazing to think that I went  from playing those Monday nights at the Funhouse in Bethlehem, PA with with 3 in attendance  (one of them being the bartender) being on MTV and Nickelodeon
in front of millions of people!
We started off by winning a Battle of the Bands competition at the “Icehouse” in Allentown, PA. We followed that up by winning coveted 95.1FM WZZO Battle of the Bands in the Lehigh Valley. Though the lineup changed here and there, I kept the band going with 3 strong CDs that sold 1000 units each in the surrounding Lehigh Valley area. We also played to many packed clubs and bars, as well as were lucky enough to get radio airplay. For a local band that started with absolutely was a big deal. 
P67 eventually morphed into MetroDrive. The members of MetroDrive came and went. Thanks to the years of perseverance, talented musicians I was fortunate to play with, comments, criticisms, and rejections…I was able to get a record deal with Lava Atlantic Records.

Playing with great musicians and writers have helped mold a mature and unique sound to the songs. Playing guitar with many other bands and artists (Steamroller Picnic, Tabloid Nation, Teddy Geiger, Secondhand Serenade, & Jessie James) have also added to my experience, knowledge of the industry, and sound of my music.
Being in this industry I have met many great and influential people since P67 that have had a tremendous impact on my music career: Bret Alexander, Paul Smith, Brent Hugo, Dawn Moses, everyone at Media 5 Entertainment, Blake Dannen, Saguit Saad, Peter Malkin, Dean DeLeo, Jeff Rabhan, Josh Abraham, and Brandon Belsky...just to name a few. They have all played a vital role in helping me with writing, recording, performing, developing as an artist, and just getting me through the everyday grind of this finicky industry. 
Welcome to my memories…this site is for the sole purpose of sharing, commending and well…nostalgia. Thank you. I am very grateful and fortunate to be where I am today.
Tan Line


1. Allison's Partygirl Balloon
2. Tanke
3. Subside
4. A.B.E.
5. At The Ferryville Inn
6. Unproductive
7. Poor Rose
8. The War of You In Me
9. Crazy Right Away
10. Flippin' Turtles


ME; 2000
1. Naked "Close to the Ground)
2. A.B.E.
3. Annie i
4. Tanke
5. Morning Light
6. Instrumental
7. War of You In Me
8. Annie i (Reprise)


1. Settledown
2. Waitiing Here
3. Close
4. Annie's Little Remix
5. Settledown (Acoustic Demo Version)


1. Hear Me Now
2. All That I Need
3. Close
4. Settledown
5. Farewell Song
6. Always Beautiful
7. Waiting Here
8. Annie's Little Remix
9. Naked (Close to the Ground)
10. A.B.E.
11. Annie i
12. Settledown (acoustic demo prepro version)

Alexander Seier

1. Won't Be Around
2. From Here
3. Take A Ride
4. Close
5. Take It Away
6. My Loss
7. Let You Know
8. Settledown
9. Last Song
10. Waste My Time
11. Farewell Song

Alexander Seier

1. Hear Me Now
2. Drawn To You
3. Afraid (Turn The Lights On)
4. One Thing
5. Ask Me One More Time
6. Turn Around
7. All That I Need
Tan Line


Jeremy Gritter; Project67
Kyle Campbell; Project67
Ben Lang; Project67
Dan Chiusano; Metrodrive
Jeff Gerosky; The Blackout Effect & Alexander Seier
Matt Hogan; Alexander Seier


Ryan Herczeg; Project67
JC Nicademo; Project67
Tim Frank; Project67
Brian Koch; Project67
Ken Chiusano; Project67 & Metrodrive
Tom Sandelier; The Blackout Effect & Alexander Seier
Nicolas DiPierro; Alexander Seier


Karl Butz; Project67 & Metrodrive
Matt Freeh; Metrodrive
Cliff Kurdes; Metrodrive
Chris Trainor; Alexander Seier
Kevin Soffera; The Blackout Effect & Alexander Seier
Tan Line